Tuesday, February 24, 2015

For Reasons Too Numerous To Explain

I happened to be on the letterboxing blog of a fellow boxer today. He's been letterboxing for many years and you would very likely recognize his trail name. He has been consistently finding and planting all these years. He has also been posting on his blog on a regular basis all these years. The blog entries are very interesting, detailed and well written. And in addition to the blog entries, he has added a lot of his own personal boxing statistics, broken down into different categories and kept up to date all these years.

He has kept up with his blogging with almost no comments by readers. Obviously this doesn't mean no one is reading the blog but I picked some years at random and looked for comments. There are almost no comments. Ever.

I really admire the fact that this really interesting person has kept plugging away at this blog all these years with what seems to be almost no feedback or encouragement. It's a very well done blog with really great photos, links, and fascinating information on the places he goes, sometimes alone and sometimes with friends.

There are people who stick their noses up at blogs and snipe that the people who keep them have no life. That's bullshit. This blog is a perfect example of a person who has kept up with an interesting blog and very obviously "has a life". And no one "has no life" anyway. The life each of us has IS our life, however simple or complicated that may be. No one's life is any less valuable than another life.

There are millions of blogs out there just waiting to be read. The blogs that you see featured in The New York Times are the rare cases. Most bloggers are just ordinary people reminding the universe they are here. Everyone wants to shout "Here I Am, It's ME!" Everyone wants the universe to know they are more that just a speck among all the other specks on the planet.

Considering the date of the last entry in my blog, consistency has not been my hallmark. But I admire it in others!


Autumn Acorns said...

I really enjoyed everything you wrote. I agree that what we each do is for our enjoyment or why else would we do it. It is great if someone joins but not necessary. I love reading blogs and seeing things through other's eyes.

The Royal Fish said...

Interesting post. I don't think anyone reads my blog, and that's fine with me. I enjoy going back and reading and remembering my adventures. It helps me to savor the moments. And, FWIW, I most often read your blog, but most often don't comment. However, today I was inclined. ;)

Frances Moon said...

:) thanks for reading. I need to write more. I love to write in general.

Janila said...

There are many reasons for keeping blogs. I, for one, have about 8 of them. Only four of them are even available to the public, I keep them for the pure joy of keeping them. Some detail specific interests that I have and provide a way to keep my info in one spot. The only blog that I actually publicize is my letterboxing blog. If people want to read it, great, if they don't that is fine also. I keep all of my blogs for my grandchildren and for me. I do enjoy reading yours so keep up the good work!

Frances Moon said...

I like writing for myself but sometimes it feels like talking to an empty room. I know that's a contradiction. I have kept a couple of other blogs over the years not related to letterboxing and felt the same way.

Don't get me wrong, I totally appreciate knowing that there are a few people reading this one and I don't get all bent out of shape if they don't comment but I guess I have enough of an ego to want the world to notice. :)

I'm actually toying with the idea of taking some of my notes on fb and putting them up on a blog to get started on some non-fiction essays that have nothing to do with boxing.