Thursday, November 29, 2007


On Wednesday Mizscarlet and I had a very nice little hike and she helped find a good spot for a new mystery box. It was perfect boxing weather! I'm also in the process of replanting some of my previously retired boxes here in Gotham. This week I managed to replant Little Apple In The Big Apple and hope to get at least one more done this week. Little Apple lasted about two years before it fell to the hands of gardners, so I think it should last a good long while again.

When I'm finished replanting I'll tip toe quietly over to the Big Scary List and post about it, then tiptoe quietly back out before I get flamed for, oh I don't know, tiptoeing?

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Road Trip!!

You know what that means! On Saturday, Lockwench, Lisa Lisa, and yours truly packed Lockwench's car with boxing paraphnalia, Lockwench's trusty GPS, fried chicken for hungry treasure hunters and headed for the Mystery Gathering in Rhode Island. As some of you may know, Lockwench has recently relocated to Connecticut from upstate New York. I drove to her place near Hartford, we grabbed Lisa Lisa from her house a few blocks away and hit the road! Now rather than possibly commit a Letterboxing Faux Paux and risk incurring the wrath of anyone at all on the planet, the location of this event shall remain a mystery. I'll just say it was cold near the water. That will present you with a bit of a mental picture without giving anything away. It was a beautiful location and the weather was perfect, brisk and sunny with no wind to speak of unless you wandered too near the water, which of course we eventually did! Brrrrrrrr!

That's yours truly, Lockwench, and Lisa Lisa. There were a few familiar faces there, but most were attached to trail names I have seen on various lists over the years and never met.

I'm also happy to report that I shook hands with and buried the hatchet with a certain boxer. Life is just to freakin' short! I felt good about that. And no, it's not who some of you may think it is. We arrived at the gathering around 12 and were there until it started getting dark. We spent most of the time chatting, exchanging, and getting various images. Got one *particularly* interesting image to add to my collection of other *particularly* interesting images. We found the five boxes that were planted for the gathering. There were some really beautiful stamps carved by some very talanted boxers. All in all it was a good gathering and a fun time.

My dear friend and fellow boxer esmereldaofthesplendidbuccaneers of Oregon was asked to do the event stamp. She is an excellent carver. Varoom, varoom, back to Connecticut!

First we hit Lockwench's place and I pounced on some of her great images that I didn't have. being totally dark outside, where else would we go but to the cemetery? I believe this was my first boxing done in complete darkness. We made our way through the headstones to the box. Very cool. Then we headed to the home of a local boxer who keeps a couple of boxes in his front yard. We peered at the windows and saw strips of light. They're home!! Exchanges all around! Pet the cats! Chat! Admiring of stamps from the gathering, some sword play, (yes, swordplay) and the passing on of a cootie. I was forced to do that!

Lockwench has a most comfortable couch and the eggs benedict at The Brass Key in Manchester were yummy.
Varoom, varoom, back to Gotham! A grand day was had by all!

Monday, November 12, 2007

The Ongoing Adventures of The Boxing Broads

Thus far the Boxing Broads have confined their adventures to Pennsylvania. A certain wooden picnic table in a certain state park bears the scars and Gettysburg may never be the same, especially a certain bus driver who shall remain nameless. The names and faces change from time to time but the goal remains the same......boxing, fun, good friends, good food, laughter, and more laughter. There's a lot of laughter. Really. A lot. All the time. The Swedish Egg Coffee flows freely and the table is always strewn with stamps, ink pads, various logbooks, and clues of nearby boxes.

Alcohol is never consumed. I also have a bridge here in Gotham that I can let you have for a song. Credit report required.

From time to time I will share the Boxing Broads' adventures with you, the letterboxing public. Names may be changed to protect the innocent.