Friday, May 31, 2013

Really? Neon?

Okay, I get it that you are new. I get it that you seemingly haven't found box one, or at least not on AQ. And I suspect your 'find count' of zero is the true one. You plant and join on the same day. They are 'store bought' stamps of God Help Us..............butterflies. You are eager to plant. I get it. And yes I went and found those 'store bought' butterflies. But I was interested in that particular location. I had never done any boxing even close to there and never even knew about the place. So sue me, I went and found the butterflies. It was a pretty cool location. I saw some cool stuff I wouldn't have seen had I not been there. The 'store bought' stamps won't cause my logbook to spontaneously burst into flames. No, really.

But newbie that you are, the concept of hiding the container so that IT CANNOT BE SEEN FROM THE TRAIL is pretty basic. And those bright, neon, bluish containers that look like little suitcases (huh?) and are not in any way, shape or form waterproof......really? In your journey of newbiness did you not pick up the water tight, HIDDEN thing? I am in spite of some opinions to the contrary, a nice boxer. I managed to hide them so that NO ONE CAN SEE THEM. I wrote you a nice.............yes it was nice.........note telling you that they could be easily seen and that I hid them. I made a nice, neutral public comment. My niceness abounds. HAH!