Sunday, April 28, 2013

Quest, County of Broome

If you're near Binghamton, New York, you HAVE to do the Broomequest series! I busted my letterboxing posterior this weekend and still don't have all twenty-five of them. Wonderful images and a grand tour of the area! Most of them are really nice hikes so make sure you have time to devote to the effort. It's not a mystery series, so, here 'tis...

And when it's time to refuel, head for Nevoles Family Pizza in Johnson City. You can sit down and eat or take out if you are sweaty and stinky with dirt under your fingernails. Living here in Gotham it is hard to impress me with a pizza but this was really good. And when I travel I am never far away from a cupcake. I hike. I eat. Baked Euphoria's coconut was to die for. And three different people came in there to pick up their cakes so everything else must be really good!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Spring Has Sprung!

Though I did do a fair amount of boxing over the winter, it's great to be on the trail without seeing your breath in front of your face as you begin to loose the feeling in your fingers because you can't stamp in with gloves on your hands. It's time for that springtime boxing we enjoy here on the east coast before that heavy, sweaty, dense, blanket of humidity descends over those trails. You know those trails, the ones that have not one breath of moving air on them as you slog along unable to see the sky over your head between those lovely green boughs that are preventing the breeze you know must be there somewhere from reaching your sweat drenched face. And you love every minute of it.