Sunday, March 23, 2008

Escape From Gotham!

On Saturday Lockwench and I took a ride up to the New Paltz area, about an hour and a half from here in upstate New York. We did two series on the Rail Trail that made for a nice hike on a very nice day, sunny with a crisp chill in the air. Only one box that was supposed to be in the town of New Paltz itself was missing. Lockwench fell on her butt and I lost some clues. All in all it was a pretty typical boxing day!

The trail has several entrances and this caboose was at one of them. Caboose......rail trail......get it? Sorry but it was just too easy to pass up.

We walked along the main street in New Paltz and checked out some of the little stores, especially the books stores and the art supply store. Can a letterboxer ever walk past an art supply store without going in?! Lockwench found a book that had some interesting and little known locations for new letterboxes.

We hit a local restaurant, had some delicious Greek food for lunch and managed to escape out the door without sampling the Bakalava. After that we walked back up the little main street, retrieved our cars and went to a couple of easy drive-bys before hitting the road for home sweet home. It was a good day with good boxing and good company. And that's pretty much what it's all about isn't it?

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tha' Great North West

I have the week of April 13 off, which also happens to be my birthday, so happy birthday to me!

On the 14th I'm off to the Pacific Northwest, Oregon to be exact. My dear friend Karen, better known to boxers the world over as esmereldaofthesplendidbuccaneers is living out there these days as opposed to the family homestead in Beautiful Western Colorado. We'll drive north from the Medford area up to Salem and meet up with some local boxers from Eugene who are going to host us with the mostess. Then we'll drive down the gorgeous coast, doing some more boxing along the way. I'll find a few and plant a couple. Or three. I've been to northern California but never this far up the coast so I'm really looking forward to this trip! And Karen and I haven't seen each other in way too long! The tripod is coming with me so there will be photo opportunities galore! Stay tuned!

Sunday, March 2, 2008


Some Red hat Boxers take a much needed break from beach boxing